Hearing Aid Repair, Cleaning, Fitting & Adjustments

Affordable Hearing Solutions goal is to provide the most affordable solutions for your hearing aid needs. We service all the hearing aids we sell in the hearing aids store and carry several modern options to meet your preferences and needs. Our friendly staff is available to assist you with anything you need, from the initial consultation to future hearing aid repairs or service. With three locations, our growing staff has the experience you can trust and services you can depend on.

Hearing Aid Clinic

Affordable Hearing SolutionsOur clinic can handle most of our patients needs from the exam to service and follow up care. We distribute most popular hearing aid products, that come in a variety colors, and several customizable features. After your consultation and exam, our staff will work with you in our clinic to select the best hearing aid products for your needs, style, and budget.

Hearing Aids Repair

We offer free in-house hearing aids repair. The improvements in the way you can experience everyday activities with the right hearing aid product is invaluable--let us assist you maintaining them. Whether it’s a small mechanical fix or an in-depth digital repair that’s needed, we can make accurate repairs on any type of hearing aid.

45 Day Free Trial

Affordable Hearing SolutionsThe best way to know for sure if a hearing aid product will work well for you is to try it out. Affordable Hearing Solutions of eastern Florida offers a 45 day free trial of any of our hearing aids. After your exam, we will complete a customized fitting and provide you with the selected product. You can wear the hearing aids for up to 45 days and if they work for you, we will finalize your payment and you can keep the original product selection. If they aren’t working out as you expected, we can adjust the fit and digital settings, or find a new product for you that will better fit your needs.

Free Lifetime Cleaning

For optimal performance, it’s a good idea to keep your hearing aids clean. Affordable Hearing Solutions offers free lifetime cleaning for all of our customers. Stop in our office and we will use professional cleaning products to thoroughly sanitize your hearing aids within a few minutes.

Free Fitting & Adjustments

Affordable Hearing SolutionsOver time, your hearing aids may need to be fitted differently or adjusted for comfort. Our hearing aid center offers free fittings and adjustments at any time. You can call ahead to schedule a short appointment or stop by anytime during office hours.

Affordable Hearing Solutions offers a 100% guarantee on all our products. We also provide free exams and testing. For the most reliable hearing aid solutions in Eastern Florida, contact our staff to get started.

"Most Affordable Hearing Aids applies to confirmed pricing from a competitor for the same make,
model and service warranties, client must present with a contract signed by the competitor."

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