We Are Passionate About Creating Hearing Solutions

Affordable Hearing SolutionsAffordable Hearing Solutions has been caring for the hearing impaired for many years.

We take pride in being able to enhance our patients’ hearing abilities using the very latest in testing, fitting, and verification technologies to insure our patients’ satisfaction.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of Audiologists, Board Certified Hearing Specialists and Audioprosthologist hold the highest credentials for helping men, women, and children.

Our team of qualified experts strives to work for all of our patients and provide them with the best service and technology that best suits their needs.

Our Staff

Michael C. Rice, BC-HIS

Michael, a native Floridian, is the owner ofdoctor Affordable Hearing Solutions. Michaels’ passion is to enhance every patients experience by creating an environment that is comfortable to everyone, while still providing state of the art service.

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