Testimonials - Positive Feedback From Our Customers

Affordable Hearing SolutionsAffordable Hearing Solutions has received frequent positive feedback from our customers regarding our services, products, and overall care for their hearing. We want to share some of their comments with you to give you an idea of what you can expect when you work with us. Read the testimonials below and check back soon for additional comments.

I did a lot of research on hearing aids and hearing aid providers before I decided on the team at Affordable Hearing Solutions. This team allowed me to obtain world class, name brand hearing aids at a remarkable value and still get top rate personalized service right . I am so happy with the product and services that I received that I even referred a new customer to your team. My wife will be fitted for her new hearing aids later this week. Keep up the good work Affordable Hearing Solutions. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

John C. - Ormond Beach

Instead of offering me the opportunity to purchase a new hearing aid, they fixed my 2 year old hearing aid and got it working better than before.

Ron C – Port Orange

Affordable Hearing Solutions beat another dealer’s price, the staff was wonderful and knowledgeable, they really cared about what was going on with the process.

Don H. – New Smyrna Beach

They made it easy for me and my wife to get our hearing tested, there was no pressure for us to purchase. They educated us on my hearing loss and the different technology that would fit into my everyday life.

Ken B.– Port Orange

I just wanted to say Thank You for helping my mom with her hearing loss. She purchased her hearing aids in September and hasn’t been the same since, she now talks on the phone to the grand-kids and is having a great time playing cards with her friends. None of us knew what she was missing including her. Thanks for giving her back to us.

Jean B – Ormond Beach

I’m not sure if I should say Thank you or not, but my wife isn’t yelling at me to turn the TV down and she isn’t getting annoyed with me when we are out with friends, I now hear almost everything she says. On a serious note, life is much easier when you can hear what is happening around you, Thank you!

Scott K. – New Smyrna Beach

Michael took the time to educate me on the different technology that would work for me in different situations, he let me try the hearing aids for two weeks, and he made sure that any issues I encountered during that test run were addressed. The staff was accommodating in every aspect. Thank you!

Sam S – Ormond Beach

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